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About Maxi Taxis in Sydney
Dedicated to being the premium and central online space of Maxi Taxi services in Sydney, we have developed a website dedicated to the cause. Allowing you to browse through the various companies who offer the Maxi Taxi Sydney service.

For the times that a traditional 4 passenger cab just doesn't do the job, you need to consider a maxi taxi. Seating sometimes up to 11 passengers a Maxi Taxi does cost more than your traditional 4 seat taxi transfer, however can be more cost effective when the fare is split among a group of friends booking together,

For more information simply contact one of the professional taxi companies who we list on out website and ask any of the enquiries you have. Alternatively, if you are considering the chauffeured option of a luxury van transfer, then simply visit http://www.omnicar.com.au for more details.
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