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Maxi Taxi in Sydney
We are dedicated to providing you with a list of options to choose from when needing to book maxi taxi Sydney transfers. Just about every taxi provider in Sydney offers Maxi Taxi services, however the trick is knowing which company you can rely on to be on time, professional, reliable, experienced and off course reasonable with the payment options.
Cost of Maxi Taxis in Sydney
The cost of booking a maxi taxi Sydney with a traditional taxi company is unpredictable. The maxi taxi meter which is used to determine the cost of the transfer is determined by a multitude of factors including the following:
  • KMs driven in the transfer
  • Time taken for the transfer
  • Service charge (which is different for each company).
The only thing which generally can be told about a maxi taxi in Sydney is that it does cost more than a traditional taxi when it is seating more than 4 people. The Sydney maxi taxis are also very helpful due to the amount of luggage which can be stored in the vehicle whilst transferring passengers.

Alternatively you do have a more fixed price style chauffeur option. If you are looking to book a transfer with a company such as OmniCar (using the form above) you would be able to make the booking online with an instant quote based on their technical online algorithm.

If you are after a Maxi Taxi Sydney type transfer then the best option will be to select the 1-7 Seater Van option or the 1-13 Seater Luxury Van depending on the amount of people needing to travel with you.

The only additional costs to the instant quote are extras such as road tolls and possible waiting times which can also be charged.

Maxi Cab or Maxi Taxi?
Many people often try to differentiate between the words maxi cab and maxi taxi in Sydney. However, the fact of the matter is that there is absolutely no difference between the actual vehicle and service but rather the word taxi and cab are used as synonyms.

All of the Sydney taxi companies listed on the right side of the page refer to their services as both maxi taxi and maxi cab services. This is done in order to cater for the people who prefer to use the term cab over taxi and vice versa.

Maxi Taxi Extras in Sydney
When wanting to book a Maxi Taxi in Sydney and need to organize some crucial useful extras, then it might be a good idea to call the head office of the maxi taxi company and ensure that they do offer these additional services and maybe enquire about the possible additional charges. Popular extras which are often required when wanting to travel in a maxi taxi like vehicle include the following:
  • Maxi Taxi Sydney with Booster Seat
  • Maxi Taxi with a Baby Seat
  • Maxi Taxi with a Luggage Trailer
A booster seat or baby seat is required inside your maxi taxi when traveling with an infant or child in the car. It is not only recommended however it is actually law to ensure that the maxi taxi is equipped with baby seat or booster seat when traveling with children up to a certain age.

A maxi taxi can also be made more useful through the use of a Luggage Trailer. The more luggage that you can place in the trailer, the more room you will have inside the actual vehicle so that more passengers are able to fit more comfortably!

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Maxi Taxi Services in Sydney Contact Details: 13 19 24
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